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Follow the drill manufacturers to learn about the magic of working process
Edit:Shandong forest and heavy machinery, Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-16

Now drill the use has begun to spread, then do you know how it works? Follow downhole drilling rig manufacturers together to get to know about it:

When opening, first start motor, awaiting transhipment after the normal advance of flipping a manipulator hands. Propulsion force so that it can be properly, and then flip the control hammer hand position to work. Rock work, you can open the water valve, gas-water mixture kept in proper proportion. For normal drilling work, when launching the unloading moving when you touch and hold soldering, drilling a drill. To stop the motor and stop the impactor aspirated, sent water, drill pipe fork into supporting tank, the motor reverse the slide back, joint and the pipe opening, followed by a second drill, according to the continuous work of this loop.

Hope that this summary will give you some idea, if there are questions, dives the hole drilling machine manufacturers will continue to answer your questions.

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