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Address: Shahe town, laizhou city, Shandong province industrial park

Shandong Woods heavy workers mechanical limited began built Yu 2002, accounted for to area 20,000 square meters, employees more than 200 more than people, built factory beginning, company with science of decision, insisted "quality first, and user first, and integrity keep reputation" of enterprise approach, adhering to "solidarity pragmatic, and develop innovation" of enterprise spirit, to "Woods heavy workers, only do boutique" for mission, to "talent for fundamental, market for oriented, to quality create brand, innovation promoting development" of business concept.

For decades, companies follow the "quality first, customer first, sincerity-oriented" business principles, fine living with character, the majority of customers trust and praise products sold throughout the country and exported to Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, Burma, Africa and other countries.

The company mainly produces: crawler drilling machine, crawler drill, crawler drill rig, water well drilling rig in Shandong, deep water well drilling rig, the products are mainly applied to drill water wells, irrigation wells, geothermal air-conditioning hole and hole for other purposes, especially for water intake project of mountain and rock formations. Efficiency is more than 10 times higher than the conventional rotary drilling rig, creates very considerable economic benefit for the user. Especially the soil air downhole hammer drilling difficult, hard rocks, gravel, gravel layer construction of Rotary drilling rig problems, able to work efficiently under various geological structures.

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