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Follow the lubrication of drilling machine manufacturers to learn about benefits
Edit:Shandong forest and heavy machinery, Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-09

We all know that drilling machine in use should always be lubricated, so do you know why this is, following drilling machine manufacturers to look at:

1) reduce friction: the main function of this is lubricated, because the presence of lubricating oil film, preventing direct contact transmission parts metal surfaces, thus reducing magic friction reduces wear smart consumption.

2) heat: high speed rotating parts, Guinness heat generated due to friction, if not managed to disperse heat surplus, temperature will continue to rise, resulting in burned parts.

3) rust protection: drilling machine open pit operations are often affected by rain, rust metal, as in a good grease on the metal surface, prevents rust and prolong service life.

4) sealing plug: sealing packing and bearing end cover equipped with wool felt seal, effectively because of oil-immersed sealed against dust.

Regular lubrication of the above is why would like to remind you the important role, if you have any questions, the drilling machine manufacturers will continue to answer them.

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