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600-down-the-hole drill
600-down-the-hole drill

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600-dive hole rig installed power big, the products main applies Yu drill chisel wells, and agricultural irrigation well, and geothermal air conditioning hole and the other uses of well hole, especially applies Yu mountain and rock formation of take water engineering. efficiency than traditional of Rotary type rig high more than 10 times times, for user created of economic is considerable. has 2 document reverse speed, easy processing accident. manipulation handles concentrated, layout reasonable compact, operation simple, flexible reliable. has often closed type hydraulic card disc, manipulation convenient flexible, Independent operations you can achieve vertical shaft and hoist, vertical through-hole diameter, replace with hexagonal drive drilling rod. parameters of machine: drilling depth 600m, diameter 300-75mm, hole diameter 300mm, diameter 75mm, drilling angle 90 °-65 °, displacement 250L/min, 75mm inlet pipe diameter, outlet pipe diameter: 50mm rig 1600KG, size 2500*900*1800mm.

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