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Popularity of deep water well drilling rigs will still have to check the content
Edit:Shandong forest and heavy machinery, Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-05

Deep water well drilling rig maintenance:

1, surface wipes clean, attention substructure slides and lubricating and cleaning of vertical surfaces.

2, check all the rigs exposed bolts, nuts, grasshopper, solid and reliable.

3, oil or grease shall be strictly in accordance with the lubrication requirements, and be sure to use quality lubricants, disabled poor quality lubricants, using mixed lubrication, try not to mix different brands of lubricants.

4, carefully check the transmission, transfer case and fuel in the tank of the hydraulic system.

5, check the rig components of vulnerability and dealt with seriously.

After the above deep water well drilling rig is used every day to do maintenance work, you want to know the condition of heart in order to allow the machine to play a better effect.

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