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Don't miss Shandong drilling machine maintenance of large public
Edit:Shandong forest and heavy machinery, Ltd   PublicDate:2016-12-02

Drilling machine in Shandong province spread, how to correct maintenance has become a concern of all, do you have any good way to, along with small series to look at it:

1, feel free to check the water pipe, drill rig fitting bolts, nuts are solid;

2, pay attention to check wind motor lubricants;

3, when the face in the water when the hole is to use a large diameter bit, insert the drill pipe, drill pipe out of the water 1-2 meter to prevent mud and rock slag fell into the hole,

4, drilling operations off when refused to reverse this afternoon so as not to drill into the hole;

5, to stop work in a short time, to give a small amount of air to avoid sediment into drill hammer, if long time stop drilling, should upgrade the impactor 1-2 metres from the hole fixed;

6, work should pay attention to the impact of noise and gearbox functioning, unusual sounds and phenomenon should be immediately shut down and inspected in a timely manner;

7, when the new drill pipe, pay attention to keep the hole clean, to avoid sediment into drill hammer inside the damaged rig parts;

Above is the small series to be summarizing some maintenance method of drilling machine in Shandong province, and hope that you will come in handy.

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