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To know the normal circulation drilling rig has a strict security operation requires
Edit:Shandong forest and heavy machinery, Ltd   PublicDate:2016-11-21

Circulation drill in transition, transport, Assembly, disassembly, maintenance and other activities, is very strictly regulated, we should strictly observe these safety procedures to prevent failure;

A, and go machine of when to according to road site, keep gravity balance, construction site ban free of drilling, backfill pit pool must to do logo, narrow road or dangerous sections needed fell mast contraction track walking, tilt sections need regulation rig mast landing angle, and around tilt, car Rotary regulation rig gravity; Dang sidewalk or construction site water Shi, can with drill pipe bit guide go machine;

After the second, maintenance of cooling before you start, so as to avoid high temperatures resulting in Burns and hydraulic system of the drilling rig needs repair after pressure relief, avoid storage in high-voltage hazards and brake systems, when the rig down the master volume, no primary load maintenance;

Above is in the maintenance of normal circulation drilling needs attention, and if is not going to repair it, is looking for the best professionals, other than accidental.

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