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LQ-300 crawler drill
LQ-300 crawler drill

LQ-300 track type dive hole rig widely for big, in the, small mine, hydropower, traffic, earthwork excavation blasting engineering, also can for port, channel, water Xia rock perforation blasting, technology power strong, process advanced has is strong of manufacturing capacity and first-class of management level, in new products of development Shang, has professional technicians of advantage, and research College perennial cooperation, development out new of hydraulic dive hole rig and get user of praise. whole car gravity low, climbing more smooth, and more security, adaptability strong, Used new hydraulic technology, Rotary torque big, advance, and upgrade smooth fast, control disc operation handles concentrated control, operation simple, operation hand can station in host side for drilling job, improve has job safety. this paragraph products (LQ-300 track type dive hole rig) of main technology parameter following, maximum open hole depth 100m-300m, drilling diameter maximum 300mm, drill pipe length 2000mm-3000mm, power head maximum trip 4600mm, drill pipe diameter 89mm /108mm, lifting capacity 25T, Rotary torque 10000NM, carrying mode: hydraulic crawler, walking speed 3000km/h, climbing capacity is 30 °, dimensions 3000mm*1700mm*2300mm, weight 7000kg.

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